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About A G I R L: Samantha Lillian Ulm

Well here we all are! For anyone reading this: You have decided embark on this creative journey with me that I would love to call B e a u t y & Bones. This has been an ongoing dream of mine that I have finally decided to activate, and boy oh BOY am I excited to finally start publishing all my creative art. So, before I dive deep into what my main focus of this blog is, I feel like I should give you all a little background history about myself, and what lead me in this visionary direction.

I have been working in the fashion industry for over five years now, and it has definitely pushed me into the right direction as to what I ideally want to pursue in life. It has also molded me into the woman that I am proud to be today. I value all the lessons I have learned, and all the knowledge I have acquired because it has helped me realize my true passions in life: styling, fashion, and social media. In my previous years I was only apart of the retail aspect of the business, which didn’t make me feel like I was expressing my creative process to its fullest. I found myself constantly searching for inspiration elsewhere, and my attention always gravitated more towards bloggers, legendary style icons, streetwear stunners, artsy instagrams, fashion and style photographers, and high fashion labels. I yearned for something more, and I wanted to be apart of all that action that inspired me! So, initially I bounced around a few ideas, but I always seemed to avoid the dreaded blog option. It seemed so played out to me; solely because the people I was surrounded by didn't have any positive thoughts regarding my aspiration to even start one. Therefore, I avoided any, and all, means of even starting a blog. It wasn't until mid September of 2016 that I decided to step completely out of my comfort zone, and embark on a life changing road trip with the beautiful Violette Larsen & Alexa Kline . If you have a second, take a peek at these gorgeous babes. I'm sure they'll elevate and inspire your minds. These two goddesses just happened to spark that fire inside my heart, and push, wait...........S H I N E me towards all my hopes and dreams! So, from the bottom of my ★starlit★ heart, THANK YOU!

My huge leap of faith has led me here to this very day: February 10, 2017. As a result, this blog was born! This is my vision, and my way of jump starting all my wondrous dreams. I want this blog to be an extension of myself, and an extension of all the daily inspiration that motivates me, influences me, and activates all my creativity. I want this blog to be fun, silly, and beautiful to everyone who takes the time to peek into my dreamworld. My main focus is to not just take photos in an outfit; I want to focus on the creativity behind it. So many people share this same passion with me, therefore throughout my journey I want to help build upon these similar aspirations. So stay tuned for a bunch of collaborations with some badass babes in the near future.

In summation, I challenge my audience to feel and believe with me because we all have similar aspirations and desires, so why not pursue them?! I've spent way too much time sitting on thought, and hoping for a better future until now. Come away with me on this wild ride, and learn to love yourself like I did! Lets love ourselves and everyone around us to our cores; to our

B E A U T I F U L B O N E S.☪


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