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⋆Wanderlust On My Mind⋆

Outfit 1~ Blouse: Vintage | Skirt: Vintage Reformation

Lately I've had my mind entirely focused on my future, and the places that I want to set sights on. My imagination wandered this past weekend, and in doing so, I became aware of how significant new experiences are to me. They help my mind and body grow into the person I aim to become.

Transitioning into spring has been a beautiful movement already; it's brought me such exciting, vibrant, and fresh new energy. Acknowledging this new energy has helped me clear my mind of all the toxic thoughts, which prevented me from fully expressing myself artistically. I've let go of all these thoughts that made me question my capabilities, and I just let my imagination run WILD. But most importantly, accepting this new energy into my life has helped me focus all my attention on the meaningful aspects of my journey as a blogger. For the month of April I am going to challenge myself to produce some new dynamic projects for you all. Who knows...I might just take a fun trip somewhere!

So, stay tuned all you beautiful dreamers; I'll have some fun adventures coming your way soon!

-Samantha Lillian⋆

Here's A Little Poem From Me To You

I am in love

with all things new.

give me new friends,

new muses,

new music,

new energy.

I am

the everyday wanderer.

-Christopher Poindexter


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