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☽ Get To Know My Girl: Cosmic Cat ☾

Meet Cat aka Cosmic Cat; A Beautiful Creative Soul

What to say about this powerful woman!

Well for starters, I knew the minute we met I was all about her energy as well. She carries such confidence and style wherever she goes, and I absolutely love that! I can't wait to create more fun projects with her, and of course partake in more photoshoots with this babe. I had the pleasure of picking her brain a little, so scroll down and get to know this creative cosmic soul. Her journey is one you will want to follow.

Q & A With Cosmic Cat

Describe your style in three words:

Hip Hop, Bohemian Menswear

Who influences your style/vision:

I follow a lot of fashion influencers, and I sort of piece together my own looks and visions from that. I have always loved Zoe Kravitz for embracing her own hip-girl chic style to every piece she showcases. I also grab heavy inspiration from mens streetwear influencers; one of my favorites is Alkali @alealimay. All of the glam in fashion I pull from stylist Monica Rose; she makes a slick middle part bun and a red lip look so effortless!

What do you see yourself doing in the near future:

Many Many things! I can never quite pin-point just one thing I am interested in. I am a woman of enormous passion for all things creative. Making clothes, creating essential oil based beauty products, teaching yoga(currently licensed), beauty, writing music, making art… the list goes on. I basically see myself as a successful business woman and entrepreneur.

Tell us a little bit about your website:

My website; started as a Moon Blog with my own personal astrology writings on the New and Full moons. It's purpose was to help bring awareness and insight to our spiritual well being. I unfortunately chose to put the blog on hold temporarily at the beginning of the year, so I could start new projects and dive more into the realm of “Cosmic” Cat.

If you could live anywhere, where would it be?

I love where I am at right now; in my little apartment here in Los Angeles. However, I am a wanderer, and I do see myself living in so many different places in my future. Ideally, I would love to live near the ocean, or somewhere nature centered.

Favorite morning spot in LA:

Blue Bottle Coffee or Alfred Coffee in Echo Park. After that I like to take a nice stroll to Echo Park Lake for some yoga.

Three essentials you always carry around with you:

My EOS chapstick, essential oils, & Palo Santo ( oh & I always carry at least one crystal I resonate with for the day! I'll stick in my bra or purse. )

Any bloggers you are obsessed with right now?

Some of my favorites are @tania_sarin,@jnelv, @hypebae, @mysticmamma oh & @thenewearth (for spiritual guidance)

What do you feel most passionate about right now?

The relationship I have with myself everyday spiritually, and how I am constantly growing & evolving. It's really a job in itself! All the love and support from my friends, family, and my beautiful boyfriend is all the passion that drives me to do what I love.

Why the name Cosmic Cat:

With my moon writings that I began doing last year I was plotting, and brainstorming, a “cool” name to sort of define who I am in a way. I wanted to make a fun mark on social media. I also loved the way cosmic sounded, relating to the universe, and its infinite amount of energy. I felt like it fit perfectly with all that I see myself creating.

How did you and Sam meet:

A little over a year ago! I was working retail, managing a bikini store, and I met sam while she was working across from me at Planet Blue. I remember loving her energy, and style of course!

What can we see from you and Sam in the future:

Sam is onto amazing big things for her future! I would expect to see us collaborating on some fun exciting creative projects! OH, and more photoshoots of course!


Don't Forget To Show My Girl Some Love

Follow Her On Her Cosmic Journey On Instagram: @cosmic_cattt



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