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Weekends With Swell

So Swell challenged me to go around LA and shoot their new destination water bottle at my favorite hangouts around town. So, obviously I took their beautiful bottle to the streets of LA, specifically Melrose, and shot some fun photos with photographer Charmaine Regina. What a talented young soul! We ran around the streets, we laughed, and we even met some new friends! There is truly never a dull moment while roaming the streets of LA! The possibilities, and fun, are endless with this one!

★ Until Next Time S W E L L ★

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Me and Char took a pause during our shoot to check out one of our favorite Melrose spots WILDSTYLE. They've got such an eclectic, and high end selection, of some serious game changer pieces that every babe NEEDS in their closet! I'm all about the street style looks lately, and if there is anything WILDSTYLE specializes in, it's exactly that! They mix music, fashion, and art in such a creative way! If you're ever in LA be sure to check out this Poppin P A L M Tree Paradise, and have your card ready to $wipe!

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-Location: Los Angeles


Lets see, during the week I work full time at Matisse Footwear in the E-Commerce Department. Can I just say, WOW what a great company to work for! I absolutely love everyone I work with, and my boss is such a great jokester. He truly enjoys his work, and he treats his employees like family; I love it! This company really inspired me to jump start my second career as a part time blogger/stylist. I don't even consider it work, since it's something I am truly passionate about. I can't wait to see what my future career ends up entailing, but so far it's been such a magical experience for me.

-What brought you to LA?

I was born and raised in LA! So, needless to say I've really grown to love all of the art and culture that surrounds me on the daily. Everything from the people, places, and opportunities Los Angeles holds is so groundbreaking and motivational. To me, LA is the home of the most creative minds, and fashion forward individuals out there! We all inspire one another on the daily through our passions, and we drive each other to build a better tomorrow. I plan on collaborating more with the many inspirational people this city has to offer.

-Describe your style in 3 words.

Eclectic, Elevating, and Timeless.

-How does your city influence your style?

LA is full of so much art, music, vintage gems, and fashion forward people. So, it's really easy for me to come across something that catches my eye and incorporate it into my wardrobe.

-What’s the best style advice you’ve ever received?

Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably they remember the woman.

-What’s one thing you put on when you want to feel confident?

Tight leather pants, and a silk blouse topped with a red lip!

-What are 4 things you never leave home without?

lipstick, sunglasses, Iphone, and my Chloé Rollerball Parfum Spray

-What’s your morning routine like?

UMMM it's long! sooo here it goes....

Turn on some jazz/soothing instrumental music to wake my mind up, then wash my face with my Clarisonic; it's the best skincare purchase I've ever made. After, I wash my face I move onto to my makeup routine. I recently found my favorite facial products that my skin has been loving! It's from the OLEHENRIKSEN 3 Little Wonders Kit; these products really dress my skin for sucess! After this, I prime my face with the TOO FACED Hangover Replenishing Primer. It's such a smooth and refreshing primer, and it really leaves my face feeling fresh and revived. Following this, I usually gravitate towards my favorite go to makeup essentials; Maybelline Lash Sensational Mascara, Nars Radiant Creamy Concealer, Bare Minerals Broad Spectrum Foundation, and then I finish with either my favorite Milk Makeup Bronzer, or my HOURGLASS Ambient Lightning Blush (depending on my mood). Once I've finished my skincare and makeup routine, I throw on a sassy outfit for work, grab my cup of coffee, and book it out the door to beat the awful LA traffic!

-What do you keep in your S’well?

The majority of the time I keep water in it, but lately I've been using it for my pre-workout drinks/smoothies. It keeps my refreshments so deliciously cold. I love it!

-What’s a LA spot that only locals would know about?

I would have to say all the secret spots to score great vintage pieces! If you're a sucker for a great vintage find, like me, then you know all the secret spots in LA to hit!

-What’s your go-to happy hour spot?

My go to happy hour spot is anywhere my friends are at. We like to always try new spots every time we go out, so choosing a favorite is a hard one for me! I guess if I had to pick, my top two would be The Ace and Standard. I'm such a sucker for groovy rooftop vibe.

-Whats the best restaurant you just discovered?

The Perch! It's such a beautiful spot to overlook all of Los Angeles while grabbing a bite to eat, or enjoying a fancy drink with friends. It's one of the original rooftop bars in DTLA, and it specializes in french cuisine; need I say more! This place embodies everything I love in a restaurant, and every dish is absolutely exquisite!

-Best way/place to work out in your city?

I honestly enjoy a great beach workout. I love to run along the stand, and then take in the beautiful ocean view. It really helps clear my mind, and motivate me to push forward. If I have time during the week I'll hit the gym, or a fun workout class with friends. Working out is extremely important to me, so I try to incorporate it in my busy schedule however I can.

-What’s your favorite reading spot in your city?

I usually get my reading done at my favorite coffee shops, or anywhere by the beach. However, my bed is honestly my favorite spot; Its cozy, comfy, and I love a good read right before I shut my eyes.

-How do you like to unwind?

Listening to music really helps put my mind at ease, but lately I've really been into taking a nice vibey bath. I'll light some of my favorite scented candles , pour a glass of wine, and then listen to some tunes. My imagination wanders the most when I unwind, and it's usually when a lot of my creative inspiration comes to mind .

-What song do you currently have on repeat?

Any song by Alina Baraz; she has such an angelic voice, and it never gets old.

☆Well That's All For Now!! Until Next Time BABES☆

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More Collabs & Tropical Fun Coming Your Way!!

Special Thanks To Miss Charmaine☆ For Being The Real MVP & Swell For The Fun Destination Challenge.

Much L O V E !


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