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A Night Out In Tulum

Tropical Peek Of Posada Yum Kin: Our Weekend Oasis

Day one in Tulum was such a stretch! Our flight took up the majority of the day, so by the time we got to our little oasis in Tulum we were so tired, starving, and itching to go explore! We all had empty stomachs, so just about anything sounded delightful by the time we all got settled in.

We had our hearts set on Hartwood (hehe saying that out loud sounds silly), but we arrived a little too late and they were no longer accepting any more guests. We were all a little bummed, but after wandering a little ways away I stumbled upon Mur Mur. The ambiance initially drew me in, so I decided to take a quick look at the menu, and I was instantly sold! Fresh Mexican cuisine; HELL YES! This was exactly what I wanted to feed my soul while I was in Tulum. From the outdoor kitchen, to the fun little shops along the path to our table, the restaurant had my eyes wandering all over the place. I was excited, and ready to pretty much devour any plate they handed me.

Mur Mur T U L U M

To give you all a little descriptive taste of what I had the pleasure of consuming Friday night; well for starters... Mur Mur specializes in authentic Mexican cuisine. Meaning, they take pride in providing their customers with the finest seasonal delicacies that the Yucatan and Caribbean Seas have to offer. They provide their customers with ingredients that identify only with the region, while respecting the environment that produces them. So, irregardless of the time of your visit; you'll definitely be in for a tasty, healthy, and eco friendly authentic Mexican treat!

What I'm Wearing: Cherry Sundress by For Love and Lemons

Model and Actress: Nayriah Teshali Bosley && Photographer: Naomi Christie

Model & Birthday Girl: Kendall Galan & Model: Lauren Free

Unfortunately, I did not take as many photos as I would have liked to on the first night because me and my girls might have had one to many shots of Mezcal haha. But hay, we were on vacation and it was technically our first night out exploring. Most importantly, it was my best friend Kendall Galan's birthday soooo, drinks, shots, and giggles were bound to happen! I think our first night in Tulum was an all around success! Free enchiladas, mouth watering Mexican cuisine, invites to secret DJ sets, and music that made us all move throughout the entire night. I honestly can't complain.

✩I shut my eyes on that starry night excited, and ready to tackle

day two with all my gorgeous friends.✩


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