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Explore My Oasis: Posada Yum Kin

I can not even begin to describe the magical charm this hotel has to offer. The minute I walked in, I felt so at peace. There were so many beautiful things to look at as we walked to our rooms. I honestly had such a hard time keeping up with my group because all I wanted to do was take in all of the surrounding beauty. Every time I woke up, and grabbed a bite to eat for breakfast, I would take a little walk around the hotel grounds and just stare at all the beautiful views. I honestly miss it; all of the sounds, sights, birds chirping, and breathing in the fresh air after some morning yoga. It felt like we were in our own little oasis. Posada Yum Kin is such a hidden gem!

So scroll for more; you'll see why I was so in love with our magical getaway!


Not only does Posada Yum Kin serve you complimentary breakfast, but they also offer all of their guests the opportunity to have their chef cook you brunch or dinner! All you have to do is make a reservation a day in advance, and you're in for a tasty authentic meal. Talk about convenient!

Happy Breakfast Munching With My Girl Kendall ♥

What Checking In/Out Looks Like At Posada Yum Kin

~Off To Go Explore T U L U M Waters ~


Well, that is all for this mini hotel post guys! Go visit Tulum, and get a taste of what I had the pleasure of setting sights on. If you do decide to stay here, be sure to explore the whole hotel grounds. There are so many hidden treasures you'll have the pleasure observing. Not to mention, the hotel staff is SO helpful. They were able to accommodate our every need, tell us where to go visit, and hooked us all up with rides to anywhere our hearts desired. I felt so at home here, and I can't begin to thank all the staff and chefs for the kindness they shared with us this whole trip. Much LOVE!

ALSO hugeee Thank you Naomi for the beautiful shots; you see things other people usually walk past, and don't even notice. Your talent is out of this world! Love you bunches babe xx

ta ta for now babes☆ xoxo

More content coming your way shortly!


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