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Culver City Hangouts in RAFA

★ So yesterday my two talented friends Cassity Ariete, and Josh Aldecoa, decided to link up and shoot some fun looks out in Culver City. We had been planning this hangout for quite some time now, not only because it has been forever since we all have seen each other, but also due to the fact that we all want to create more content for our individual visions. We also had the pleasure of shooting some fun content for shoe brand: RAFA; if you aren't familiar with the brand, well lets just say I am about to blow your mind! Their sandals and boots are timeless; shoes you can reach for in a year or two from now, and still be on trend.

The three of us managed to pull this quick shoot together in a such a short period of time, but we learned from all of our mistakes during this test shoot. Our next shoot is going to be BIGGER, and better! More looks, more locations, and more BOLDNESS.

ALSO! I was super excited to find out that my friend/photographer Josh was going to shoot our photos with his new Leica camera! I absolutely love the rawness that each Leica camera produces; it truly is a work of art mastering one of those tools. The photos give viewers that genuine film feel, while still mastering the art of digital in one tool. I was a little jealous that he had gotten his hands on such a beautiful camera, but who knows.... I am in the market for a new little friend!

I could continue my rant about our hangout, but why rant when you all can just take a look at some of the content we created. I am SUPER excited to say that this is the first of many shoots we have planned in the future. So, get ready for so more adventures with these two.

Lastly, I feel so blessed and thankful to have met such creative and inspirational friends such as these two talented humans! Life is so amazing; and being able to create and capture moments like this makes me the happiest human ever! ★

ENJOY everyone




Cassity: Top: Zara | Jeans: Vintage | Shoes: RAFA

Samantha: Top and Jeans: Reformation | Shoes: RAFA

Photographer: Josh Aldecoa

Models: Cassity Ariete & Samantha Lilliann


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