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Salvation Mountain \\ FT: SUGARHIGH LOVESTONED

So sorry I've been MIA lately with blogging. I've had a lot of life changes in the past few months that held me back from a few fun posts, but it was only for the better!

So much growth, happpiness, and healing has entered my heart space in the past few months of being MIA from my website.

I have been busy implementing all of these changes into my life in a smooth and steady way, which has allowed me to truly appreciate my journey.

An important take away from my previous experiences was that people, places and opportunities come and go. I have learned to appreciate all of them for what they have given me, and what I have taken away from them intellectually.

I'm forever thankful for my path and my light that I will continue to shine.

Living and Loving Life In My Favorite Sugar High Lovestoned Cosmic Coveralls.

Outfit Two

Top & Belt: Vintage \\ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell \\ Clueless Pants

★ Painting my life canvas as colorful as Salvation Mountain ★

Join Me on My Journey && Hop Aboard The Dream Bus

Styling has given me the opportunity to work with so many talented humans. They all have such a unique story, and I can't help but be inspired by all of them.

Sofia has a ton of exciting news in the near future that I know you all will love, so stay tuned and go follow her journey as well!

Anything For The Shot; Am I Right?! hehe

ALSO, look at these Gorgeous HUMANS! Such a power squad!

The ever so talented VINCE PATRICK!

He's always busy caturing beauty from behind the camera, so I thought I snap his photo for a change.

WELLLLL that's all for today! Salvation Mountain was such a success, and you all should go check it out, but fair warning the weekends are crazy with people and the locals will yell at you if you step on the mountain.

*** I warned you*** haha

no joke though! It's kinda laughable remembering it though. So mayyyybe step on it and do your thangg because anything for the gram/blog now-a-days, but do it with finesse and respect always.

I hope this post inspires you to get out and do something you've always wanted to do.

I've always the shy girl, and the person who was so too scared to be different. I conformed to social norms, and I hid behind my shyness to move along in life.

Once I broke free from these barriers in my life, that's when my true journey began.

Dreams aren't limited to a select few; anyone can achieve greatness with a little passion and hard work!


Samantha Lillian


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