Salvation Mountain \\ FT: SUGARHIGH LOVESTONED

So sorry I've been MIA lately with blogging. I've had a lot of life changes in the past few months that held me back from a few fun posts, but it was only for the better!

So much growth, happpiness, and healing has entered my heart space in the past few months of being MIA from my website.

I have been busy implementing all of these changes into my life in a smooth and steady way, which has allowed me to truly appreciate my journey.

An important take away from my previous experiences was that people, places and opportunities come and go. I have learned to appreciate all of them for what they have given me, and what I have taken away from them intellectually.

I'm forever thankful for my path and my light that I will continue to shine.

Living and Loving Life In My Favorite Sugar High Lovestoned Cosmic Coveralls.

Outfit Two

Top & Belt: Vintage \\ Shoes: Jeffrey Campbell \\ Clueless Pants