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I tried out the Limited Edition Arbonne Facial Gift Set for the first time, and I'M OBSESSED!! I'm such a HUGE HUGE fan of the cleansing balm because it's a great way to cleanse your face in a more sustainable way - which I'm all about. I'm always looking for new ways to reduce my carbon footprint, so when I saw this product I immediately knew I had to test it out and share about it! Oil-based cleansers, when compared to makeup removing wipes, are SOOOO much better for your skin and the environment. So ditch those makeup wipes and use the new Arbonne Dual Action Facial Gift Set!


"One huge misconception is that makeup wipes remove makeup. Instead, makeup remover wipes don't effectively remove or cleanse makeup from your skin. They basically just smear dirt, bacteria, oil and makeup on your skin causing pore blockage and skin irritation;" to read more - check out this great blog post via


the exfoliating wash left my face feeling SUPER hydrated and soft with a beautiful radiant glow. Legit couldn't stop touching my face after I tried it, as you'll see in the video haha.

The gift set comes with 3 muslin cloths to remove the balm, the apricot cleansing balm, an exfoliating scrub ( which seriously smells like a spa ), and a reusable duster bag. I love using the duster bag for storing my cosmetics when I travel too! I hate getting rid of cute little bags like these - I sometimes even use them as gift bags too during the holidays. Remember - REDUCE, REUSE, RECYCLE ladies and gents.

Product Deets

I'm SO SO HAPPY with the purchase, and seriously can't wait to share with you all more updates!! If you'd like to try out this limited edition set - find me on insta and i'll hook you up with a discount on this amazing set. Or, you can shop for it directly using the "SHOP" link below. This is a limited edition Dual Action Gift Set, so if you feel called to try it out I highly recommend getting it before it sells out! Arbonne has an incredible 45-day money back guarantee policy too; so if you aren't happy with it, you can definitely send it back for a refund. 😉

MY INSTA: (message me on here to receive a discount)

SHOP: ( click this link to shop right away )

I hope you all enjoyed this blog post & video! Stay tuned for more! 💕


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