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The Most Instagramable Cabin In Idyllwild CA - Whiskey Creek Cabin

Are you all ready for your next go-to cabin retreat? Well look no further! Whiskey Creek Cabin is not only the most Instagramable cabin I've ever stayed at, but it's also the most beautiful one I've ever been to by far! Honestly, from the moment Lucas and I walked into the cabin, we felt so at home. They had everything from sound bowls, yoga mats, almost every kitchen amenity to make you feel at home, and even a special place to go outside and meditate. I loved waking up super early in the morning and doing yoga on the deck; it was the perfect way to start my day at Whiskey Creek Cabin (see below photo).

I definitely want to come back during the winter because the views from this cabin are absolutely INSANE! Especially when you wake up early in the morning, and catch the sunrise peeking through the mountains. Being in the living room gives you this sense of immersion in nature that comes with camping, but without the hassle of specialized gear and setting up a tent. It was honestly my favorite part about the whole cabin experience.

In our down time at the cabin we loved relaxing with one another, and listening to some fun tunes! Located next to the fireplace is this really cool record player, and guitar, that you can use to play some fun tunes with whomever you are with. Lucas took the guitar for a spin and lets just say, I was VERY impressed.

What can't this man do; SHEESH! <3

I highly recommend sifting through the records that they have, and playing a few.

It truly brought the cabin to life!


Set among tall green trees, and breathtaking rocky mountains; Idyllwild provides a place to relax & RECHARGE. Breathe in the pine-scented air, wander through the friendly downtown, and hike as much (or as little) as you want. ... Here are some great ways to enjoy a perfect day in Idyllwild.

If wildernesses is your type of fun, then these trails near town might be for you: (click here to find some). When you arrive, head into town and check out the locally owned shops and eateries as well; I was highly impressed.

Outdoor enthusiasts can also explore Mount San Jacinto State Park, Idyllwild Park, and Lake Fulmor (just make sure you purchase a park pass if you want to do any of these outdoor activities because Lucas and I didn't, and we missed out on enjoying the beautiful lake).


We decided to go explore this lake on our last day, but unfortunately we did not have a park pass, so it didn't happen *cue the tears*. I guess you live and you learn, right lol. We had no idea we needed one, so definitely make sure you grab one before you go. This lake is a bit of a drive from Idyllwild (maybe 20 minutes or so), but it is so worth the drive! The lake looked like a great spot to enjoy a family picnic, or relax and unwind along the lake. You unfortunately can't swim in the lake; just giving you all a heads up! People fish here a lot, so I'm sure it's for your safety.


The first night we were in Idyllwild, we ate at a great Mexican restaurant called Manzanita Cantina and Grill . Lucas got this massive burrito and I stuck with the cheese enchiladas; per usual haha. We had so many great food options to choose from because the owner had this wonderful guide book with recommendations for her guests.

The next day we ventured around town and stopped for ice cream at the cutest little spot; Idyllwild Ice Cream & Jerky. They made the best homemade ice cream, and the Lavender flavor was TO DIE FOR!! I highly recommended stopping here.

Other than that, we spent most of our time enjoying each others company over home cooked meals and warm cuddles in the cabin. It was our first trip in a long time, just the two of us, so we loved being able to cook and cuddle up on the comfy couch together while we were there.

The last morning before heading home we made a delicious breakfast, and bid ADEU to our little home away from home.

Pictured above - The outdoor deck overlooking the gorgeous Idyllwild mountains and Whiskey Creek property.

If you live in Southern California, and are in need of a great little getaway; I highly recommended checking out this adorable cabin! I hear winter time is the best time of the year to travel here too! Lucas and I might have to make another trip back soon. Be sure to mention to the owners that I sent ya! Thank you again Whiskey Cabin for having us; it was definitely a trip that I'll never forget! Check out the cabin here to book your next cabin getaway.

Until next time,


Samantha Lillian



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