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Aubre Winters x Beauty & Bones

I am overjoyed to share with you this fun collaboration Aubre Winters and I put together! What a pleasure it was meeting this creative bombshell! She's got the style, the look, and this captivating energy that she carries with her. I can't begin to describe how refreshing it is meeting such a genuine person who carries such positive energy wherever she goes. Her uplifting energy, and attitude, made our shoot so effortless. Unfortunately it was cut way too short, but you can bet the next time we shoot together it'll be an even bigger and better collection of looks. Needless to say, this look was filled with a ton of color just like our personalities! By the end of the shoot, I couldn't wait to start planning more blogger collaboration fun!

Take A Look At Our Shoot With The Ever So Adorable & Talented Charmaine Regina xx

I thought it was absolutely perfect how cohesive our looks turned out. We threw together these outfits almost last minute, and we told each other that we just wanted something fun and easy; possibly jeans, a dope hat, and a statement blouse. It turns out great/similar minds think alike! We ended up creating such a fun color story that worked absolutely perfect together.

Containing the Giggles Was Tough

But We Pulled Through haha

The neighborhoods of LA are filled with so much color, so it was pretty easy finding the perfect backdrops to amplify our looks. As we walked the streets of LA we discussed some of our future goals, exciting trips we had planned this summer, and projects we were excited about sharing on our blogger platforms. We came to the common conclusion that we had to create some more looks, and hangouts this summer because one time just wasn't enough!

Want The Outfit D E E T S?!?!


Get The Beauty & Bones Look

Top: Réalisation Par- The Bianca Lip | Jeans: Vintage Levis 501 (Find Similar One's Here ) | Bralette: For Love & Lemons

Hat: Brixton-Amarillo Fedora | Sunglasses: Crap- The Wild Gift

Shoes: Vintage Stuart Weitzman

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Get The Aubre Winters Look

Top , Handbag & Shoes : Zara | Jeans: Vintage 501 Levis | Hat & Accessories: LF

★For More Aubre Winters Looks/Inspo: Click Here★


Wellpp Thats A Wrap!

★ Stay Tuned For More Blogger Collabs & Beauty & Bones Fun ★

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