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Pheww this festival FLEW right by me! I guess it was due to all the fun I had running around Golden Gate Park with two of my favorite people on this planet; my sister and my big bro. This was my first Outsidelands, and I couldn't have been more pleased with the turnout. There were so many activities to take part in, foods to indulge in, and artists to vibe out to. It was truly a magical experience! Although I couldn't have everyone special with me to experience all this festival excitement; I made it a point to photo as much fun as I could, so it would feel as if you all got to experience a little bit of the festival with me. HUGEEE Thank you to everyone I was able to meet up with. Your dance moves will never be forgotten haha

Take a peek below at all the shots I was able to get during the festival. I would have taken more, but the vibes were way too good to miss out on. I promise next time I'll have my camera ready to shoot because you never know who you might meet, places you might go, and things you might see.



Running to and from each stage was a blur, but hell it was so much fun!

One of my favorite things about festivals is meeting new people! I love hearing people's short stories, and getting to know a little bit about why we both were brought to that very moment in time together. Also...what better way to get to know a stranger than over great music, yummy food, and so much festival fun!

Okay PAUSE How DREAMY does Flowerlands look?!

I had a really hard time leaving this little oasis; I mean look at it! It was so beautiful, and full of life!

My A N G E L S Right Here Guys

⋆ Easing into day T W O was a struggle, but hay me and my fam made it, and we danced the night and day away! Can't really complain when you're seeing some talented artists sing their hearts out.

Always stay humble, and spread the love! You never know who might return the favor.⋆

Day T H R E E was the chillest, and I mean that literally. I froze my little legs off, but my LPA jacket came in handy dandy when the SF breeze kicked in. I'm a warm weather kinda girl, so beating the breeze was somewhat of a struggle, but thank god for my fur! hehe

Twinning with strangers; A Picture Perfect Moment

Well that's really all for my OUTSIDELANDS FUN! Like I said earlier; I was having way to much fun to truly document all of the memorable moments, but I guess that goes to show how much fun a person truly is having.

I decided to toss my cam in my bag, and just b l i s s out. My final day was full of so many surprises; I laughed, I cried, and I sang my heart out with my favorite humans. Not to mention I had a surprise meet up with one of my talented friends Anthony Pham. We vibed out hard to some killer beats, and grooved to some rock n roll till the night rolled in. It was a short meet up, but he's a local LA friend, so you can be sure to see some fun creative collaborations in the future with this guy! Check out his insta, and follow his creative movement! A N T HO N Y P H A M

✷Feels about right the end this post with a NEON Goodbye✷



✩Samantha Lilliann✩


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